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Ink Intelligence Technologies Limited is a high tech. IT company, who focuses on develops cloud-based text analytics solutions using natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning. We aim to bring our Artificial Intelligence technology, intelligent learning algorithm and intelligent system to customer worldwide.

We are changing the way you treat information in text to enhance your business.




Semantic+ is a next generation intelligent text analysis solution and intelligent service solution based on our topic modelling algorithm. We provide user a straightforward method to document semantic analysis, keyword extraction, semantic matching, etc. The effective solution for text analysis can be applied to intelligent commercial services(e.g., text mining, personalized news recommendation, automatic customer services, superior AI assistant). The number of Semantic+ users broke 2,500.

Semantic+ annotated data powered by gMission.

Semantic Analysis
Short-Long Text Matching
Keyword Extraction
Long-Long Text Matching



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